The Wind. The Fire. The Whisper.

Ever felt lost? Misguided? Stuck? Maybe you can relate with a man named Elijah. This is his story.

Elijah was a big deal.

Elijah was a prophet of God, a leader of Israel, elected by God to return the rebellious nation of Israel’s hearts back to God.

Elijah was powerful.

Among many miracles performed in his lifetime, Elijah split the Jordan River, revived a child back to life, and by merely praying brought both fire and rain from heaven.

Elijah was normal. 

This extraordinary prophet of God wore many titles and accomplished many things in his life and yet James tells us that Elijah was a man just like us (James 5:17.) He was just like us, like you and me. Plain. Normal. Ordinary. Let that sink in.

Elijah was human.

In 1 Kings chapter 19, Elijah reveals to us his weaknesses in a prayer to God. He feels depressed, lonely, abandoned, ashamed, and afraid. Sound familiar? He even goes as far as saying that he wants to die. He has no direction for his future, he seems hopeless. He’s given up, he’s done, he’s weak, he’s human. And so in this season of trouble God meets him.

Elijah was patient.

At the mouth of a cave Elijah patiently waits for direction, for a sign, for something, anything but silence. He waits to hear God’s voice. Suddenly there comes a mighty wind. God was not in this wind. Then there was an earthquake but God was not in the earthquake. Following the earthquake was fire and yet God was not in the fire. Then there was a still small voice, and God was in the whisper. God spoke in the smallest of ways and gave one of the biggest of blessings.

We are just like Elijah.

I truly believe this. I know because we are human, that many of you are going through, in some way, what Elijah went through and here is the good news: Elijah was a man of many titles, he was a prophet, a leader, a follower of God, a miracle worker, etc. And just like Elijah you have many titles too. You have many layers and responsibilities and steps that make up who you are. And underneath all of those responsibilities, duties and layers, you really have one job as a Christian and that is to listen and obey. Underneath all of who you are and what you do, you are first a follower of Christ and so you are to listen and do. Many times we get caught up and freaked out because we haven’t heard from God about our future. We don’t know where we should go to school, who to date, if we’ll graduate, what we should do for the rest of our lives and we hardly ever stop and wait. We rarely ever stop, be still and listen. And so no matter what season of life you are in. If you can relate in some way to Elijah and you are unsure of the direction of your future and you need guidance, you’re depressed, hopeless, if you don’t know your role or if you’re unhappy with how things are and you seem very distant with God, take a breath and stand still. Find that mountain of solitude and listen for the whisper. Most of us are so caught up in the wind and fire that life brings us, that we miss or overlook the guidance God gives. So take some time to read your Bible. Set aside time for you and God to talk. Tie yourself closer to the one who so desperately wants to share in your life. Strive for intimate moments with your Creator. Be so close to God that you can hear him, even when he whispers. And remember this, the same God that opened His mouth and spoke stars into existence wants to speak with you. The same God that molded the mountains with his hands, wants to hold yours. Remember, the same God that empowered, guided and loved Elijah, lives in you. He is here now, and as you’re reading this, awaken and be aware of the mighty power that rests inside your bones. Understand that he is in control. I reassure you that there is a mighty hope in Him. Fix your gaze on things above. Seek it. Long for it. Be still and listen.

 In closing take away these three things:

1. Understand that we’re all human. No matter what season of life you’re in, there is always hope in Jesus. Elijah had many weaknesses and he was still a great man of God. This is encouraging.

2. Be close enough to God that you can hear him when he whispers. God usually doesn’t work through huge signs, but subtly. Strive for a deeper more intimate relationship with God. Strengthen your relationship with God.

3. Listen and do. “Do” is key. Once you have received direction, now you must carry it out.

My prayer is that God spoke to you through this in some way. I believe that God will act mightily on your behalf.

“It was such a terrible blast that the rocks were torn loose, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper.” – 1 Kings 19:11-12


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